SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A dog was rescued after being buried under large rocks at Ocean Beach, the Animal Care & Control San Francisco announced in a Facebook post on Thursday. The dog, a 1-year-old female Springer Spaniel named Gwen, was discovered by someone who was jogging on the beach.

The jogger, Brian Glover, heard a bark and initially looked around for a person or dog. He didn’t see anyone, so he decided to look around at the rocks. The jogger then saw Gwen’s face looking up from under the rocks.

“I could not see anyway in or out. The dog was really cold and terrified. Fortunately all the rocks were enormous except one 50 poundish one,” Glover told KRON4. Glover noted that the tide was low, so he knew the dog would be okay for a few hours. He dialed 311, and San Francisco Animal Care & Control responded quickly.

After an Animal Care & Control specialist arrived at the scene, they moved the large rocks out of the way and pulled Gwen out from the rocks, officials said. Gwen had already been reported missing by her owner.

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Gwen was reunited with her family in SF’s Noe Valley neighborhood. She was “scared and cold” but otherwise “OK,” according to the Facebook post.

Officials said it is unknown how Gwen was buried under those rocks in the first place. Glover is glad he was there to find her, especially with how she was stuck, “They need to rename Gwen to Lucky!” Glover said.