SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A dog suffered injuries on June 3 after jumping over a wall and falling down onto the beach next to the Cliff House.

“My dog is very good off leash. We go to the beach all of the time. He must have thought the beach was on the other side from where we were standing, and he jumped over the barrier to get to the beach and fell. I don’t know how many feet but a very long distance,” said Jim Taugher, the dog’s owner. 

He said he rushed down to the beach where he found his dog, Booker, severely injured and rushed him to an emergency veterinarian. 

“We have a cast under here. Then we have this little covering to protect it. You can see they had to shave here. He has a few cuts on his face. He is just here recovering,” said Taugher.

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A few days prior to Booker’s incident, another dog fell from the rocks nearby at Sutro Baths and died from their injuries. Taugher hopes by sharing his story, he can benefit other dog owners to be more cautionary even if their dog is trained.