(KRON) — The man who lived in the famous “Warriors House” in West Oakland died a couple of weeks ago, and his dogs Rambo and Baby Miracle are in need of a new home, according to Oakland Animal Services. The dogs were brought into the care of animal services.

“He spent a ton of time with them and loved them so much,” OAS shelter director Ann Dunn said of Lloyd Canamore, who lived in the house and owned the dogs. “Obviously we can’t replace him, but we’re looking for somebody that has a calm environment, that has a decent amount of time to spend with them, and more than anything will appreciate the trauma that they’ve been through in losing such an important part of their lives.”

Rambo is about 10 years old. He is a male dog that weighs about 50 pounds. Baby Miracle is a 6-year-old female that weighs about 62 pounds.

Dunn said they have been distressed since arriving at the shelter. She says they need normalcy, the company of humans and quiet time.

The dogs are a package deal — anyone who wants them will have to take them together. You can visit them at the shelter between noon and 3 p.m. Friday through Sunday.