VACAVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — A wild black bear has spent the past two days hanging out in Vacaville. No one should approach the bear, police cautioned, not even for a selfie.

“Please do not seek out the bear for curiosity, photographs, or selfies,” the Vacaville Police Department wrote.

So far, the young male bear hasn’t bothered anyone, and the VPD wants to keep it that way.

“If you see the bear, the safest course of action will be to avoid him, keep doors and windows closed, and consider bringing any pets inside,” police wrote.

Police issued a bear warning to the public on Monday after the bear was spotted in a tree on North Orchard Avenue near a school.

The bear meandered through neighborhoods, climbed a few trees, and took a nap in one home’s backyard.

“We will continue to monitor our furry friend. We hope it will find its way back to a more natural habitat on its own. Thank you for BEARing with us,” VPD wrote.

On Tuesday, the bear was still attracting curiosity from Vacaville residents.

Police and California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials have so far decided against taking any “direct action,” unless the bear poses a threat.

Officials are hopeful that the furry animal will find its way back into the wilderness on its own.

Residents are advised to call police if they see the bear exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Solano County is a natural habitat for black bears.

“While we don’t find bears in Vacaville every day, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence,” police said.