SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Betty White’s loss is being felt here in the Bay Area.

The “Golden Girls Live” show has been a long-time San Francisco tradition and was just wrapped a week ago at Victoria Theatre.

“She’s really part of my life and having her be gone all of a sudden is heartbreaking,” D’Arcy Drollinger said. 

D’Arcy Drollinger played Betty White’s beloved character, Rose Nyland, for seven years in the drag version of the Golden Girls.

“I’ve really gotten to know her as an actress and I’ve lived with her my whole life with growing up with the Mary Tyler Moore show, this and I even share the same birthday,” Drollinger said. 

Drollinger is the owner of Oasis Nightclub in San Francisco and a producer and director of the live adaptation.

The “Golden Girls Live” has been a San Francisco tradition since 2007. It wrapped a week ago.

The TV legend died Friday just weeks before her 100th birthday.

Drollinger never got the chance to meet White but says rather than being sad:

“I want to be inspired and how I can be a little more like Betty White walking through the world,” Drollinger said. “A true original and amazing master comedian, it’s tough.”

But the live show will go on, Drollinger says next year’s performance will feature strong Betty White episodes.

“It’s a joy to do. People love that show and I’m all for those women who are master comedians and Betty White was the very last one alive so we’ve lost the final Golden Girl,” Drollinger said.