(KRON) — A driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI after a crash Tuesday night, the San Bruno Police Department (SBPD) announced on social media. The crash happened on the 1300 block of Kains Avenue.

The driver, who was alone inside the vehicle, crashed into three parked cars, police said. The driver showed signs of alcohol intoxication and was arrested for DUI.

A woman says she heard the crash happen from her home one block away, according to a user comment on SBPD’s Facebook post. She said she woke up to the crash and was “happy to hear” a police response two minutes later.

Earlier Tuesday night, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driving “erratically.” Turns out that was the same driver in this DUI crash that happened later in the night, according to SBPD. It is unknown if the driver showed signs of intoxication during the aforementioned traffic stop.

No injuries were reported in this crash, SBPD said. Police did not release the identity of the driver.