SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department has been busy with the aftermath of this year’s storms. There’s been lots of cleanup because of downed trees and tree branches.

But park workers have also had to deal with man-made destruction – doughnuts spun into the grass at Golden Gate Park. The move is often associated with celebration, but that’s not the case here.

“For someone to do this, it’s just stupid and I don’t understand it,” said Recreation and Park Department spokesperson Tamara Barak Aparton.

Aparton says the unknown vandal left tire marks at two locations in the park. The spinouts were first spotted Saturday morning. Aparton says crews have had their hands full with storm damage and this destructive act is unfair to parkgoers.

“It is a bit of a downer,” she said. “Our crews are working so hard.”

Park regulars were also annoyed to learn about the muddy mess.

“I just think there’s better things people could be doing with their time than destroying public park property that we all come here to enjoy,” one person in the park said Thursday. 

The damaged greenspaces at Porch Meadow and 47th Avenue and Fulton Street are getting some help from seeding and top dressing. It’ll take some time for the grass to regrow, but Aparton says parks and the people who appreciate them are resilient.

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“We’re already repairing it. It’s on its way to looking good as new again,” Aparton said. 

These doughnuts are under investigation, but park workers say their main focus was to get the park looking good for people to enjoy.