A new BART extension opened days ago in Antioch and drivers are already outraged.

They are complaining about the parking situation.

Some say they have nowhere to park and not enough spaces were built.

There are hundreds of parking spaces available, but the issue at the new Antioch BART extension is at 6 a.m. People KRON4 spoke with said it is a mess at that time.

There were no spots and people are cramming side-by-side across the street to park illegally.

A KRON4 viewer actually reached out with this problem. In a Facebook Live video, she showed all of the cars parked illegally because there was nowhere to go.

When KRON4 arrived in Antioch on Wednesday afternoon, it was the same issue, with cars parked in the grass because there weren’t enough spaces in the morning.

Those with BART say there are 1,006 parking stalls there.

Riders saw KRON4 recording and came to give their thoughts.

“I think there is a lack of respect for people out here because maybe there isn’t as much money out here. I think that’s what people here think,” BART rider Toni Sidun said.

Those with BART say the budget for this project included a lot but not a garage.

A garage would have cost an extra $40,000 to $50,000 per space.