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Police raid uncovers drugs, unlicensed Mill Valley daycare

MILL VALLEY (KRON) - An investigation into drug store thefts led to the discovery of an unlicensed daycare in a Mill Valley home. 

For the past few weeks, 27-year-old Hank Mulholland's mother, Betsy, says her son was living in a room in her home on Meadow Drive with his girlfriend before they planned to move to Seattle.

It's on the opposite end of the house to the room out of which Betsy has operated a daycare service for 30 years called "Cozy Kid Care."

Several law enforcement agencies served a search warrant at the home Wednesday morning.

“The daycare had nothing to do with my son,” Betsy told KRON4.

Investigators say the powerful drug fentanyl was found in the home, and that no one living here has a prescription for it.

Betsy disputes that the drug was ever in the house and says police found the drugs in her son's car -- away from the daycare.

The city of Mill Valley shut down the daycare after learning Betsy does not have the proper permits to operate the business within city limits.

Betsy says she has a state license.

“I’ve never known I needed a Mill Valley city license in any daycare, small,” Betsy said. “I have a small daycare. Any small daycare that I know of does not have this information."

Police were led to Mulholland after identifying him as a suspect in four thefts reported at supermarkets and drugs stores in San Rafael, Mill Valley and other parts of the county.

The thefts happened at the end of May through mid-July. San Rafael police sergeant Lisa Holdon says he got away with more than $17,000 worth of Nicorette gum and other health supplements.

His parents say their son is a drug addict.

Police say it's unclear if he's a drug dealer.

“It’s certainly concerning that there was a daycare being operated in a location where a person possesses narcotics,” San Rafael police Sgt. Lisa Holton said.

“I mean, I think this will be, you know, a good lesson for him,” Betsy said.

Mulholland remains at the Marin County jail where he was booked for grand theft.

His mother and father say they have no plans on bailing him out.



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