(KRON) — A Dublin business owner was arrested on Aug. 11 after authorities discovered a plethora of illegal firearms, knives and other weapons, Dublin Police Services announced Friday in a press release.

After executing a search warrant, police seized more than 2,000 illegal switchblade knives, 40 rifles/handguns, 245 sets of brass knuckles, four cane swords and body armor from Dublin Knives located at 6500 Dublin Blvd.

The store owner, 51-year-old Deepak Chopra, was charged with possession of illegal firearms, child endangerment and several additional charges. Photos of Dublin police’s discovery can be viewed below.

A follow-up search warrant was executed at Chopra’s Livermore residence. Police said they found 19 rifles, 25 assault rifles, more than 50 high-capacity magazines, .30 caliber machine gun parts and devices used to manufacture ghost guns.

Days later on Aug. 17, Dublin police executed another search warrant at a storage facility belonging to Chopra. Detectives found approximately 80 additional firearms: 50 rifles, 30 handguns, and a .30 caliber fully automatic machine gun.