DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) – The Dublin Unified School District has decided to shorten regularly scheduled school days from Wednesday through Friday, the district announced on Tuesday. This decision comes after excessive heat has caused power outages for multiple days, and as the Bay Area anticipates continued high temperatures for the remainder of the week.

The DUSD has been forced to unexpectedly close three schools early due to blackouts caused by the extreme heat. The first closure happened Friday.

To prepare for any future blackouts, the DUSD decided to move to a minimum-day schedule starting Tuesday, Sept. 7 until Friday, Sept. 9 for all schools in the DUSD. The DUSD said in a statement that students will not be returning to classes virtually after being dismissed from in-person instruction.

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The DUSD will be providing grab-and-go lunches to participating students. The district is also working with the school bus administration to adjust schedules.