DUBLIN (KRON) – A Facebook post calling on patriots, oath keepers, and NRA members to bring vests and helmets to the City Hall parking lot in Dublin during this weekend’s “sign garden for justice event” included the image of 17-year-old Denel McMahan.

“It was very nerve wracking,” said McMahan. 

The Dublin High School senior is the president of the Black Student Union, who together with Tri-Valley for Black Lives is hosting the event.

“When I saw the post, it had 29 shares. So that’s 30 people that could potentially be looking for me,” McMahan said. “Seeing me as this radical, Black Lives Matter thug, which he referred to me as, trying to destroy Dublin and in no form, I was.”  

Dawn McMahan, mother of Denel, expressed her concern and worry for her son to be a target of a threat. 

“It’s really concerning again because you’re involving a minor. You’re involving my child,” said McMahan. 

Councilmember for the City of Dublin, Shawn Kumagai, also expressed the importance the city withholds to avoid such instances from happening.

“This city-sponsored display was supported unanimously by the city council and I believe it is a testament to our commitment to peaceful expressions for our fight for racial justice,” said Kumagai.

The owner of Guns Unlimited, Mike Grant, was the man who made the Facebook post. He now says he deeply regrets it. 

“One thing that I noticed or learned out of this whole thing is that as a white male, I’ve never seen any racial or have been discriminated against,” Said Grant.  “But the last 4 days or 5 days of what I have gone through with phone calls and texts. It’s some pretty nasty stuff. If that’s what people of color have gone through for years it’s unacceptable.” 

Grant says he is no longer calling on folks to protest the Black Lives Matter sign garden event. 

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