HAYWARD (KRON) – A Hayward police officer saved a duckling from being eaten by a cat and reunited it with its parents, according to an Instagram post.

“While at a call for service in south Hayward, Officer Starr noticed a cat had captured a duckling and was attempting to…well, you know,” the post states. “Officer Starr saved the duckling and saw that the little one did not look hurt.”

A family reunited (Photo courtesy of the Hayward Police Department)

Starr, whose first name is not identified, found male and female ducks in a nearby drainage canal.

“Officer Starr released the duckling in the canal and, sure enough, a family was reunited,” the post continues. “For our officers – any day we can help others in need is definitely a good day… Animals, and humans alike.”

The post describes Starr as “stoic and quiet with a humble nature, smart as a whip, with many years of law enforcement experience behind him. And he’s definitely got a softer side – just look at the cutie in that picture!”