SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A cloud of dust is plaguing one San Francisco neighborhood and city leaders are demanding that companies operating nearby cease heavy construction activities.

San Francisco city attorney David Chiu and Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure director James Morales issued cease and desist orders to four companies for allegedly violating zoning laws and adversely impacting the Bayview Hunter’s Point residential neighborhood.

The demand letters — sent to Murphy Properties, Inc., Bauman Redi-Mix Concrete, Precision Engineering, and M Squared Construction — point out a concerning level of dust and noise that the companies generate through “unauthorized industrial activities,” city leaders wrote.

“Creating this level of pollution in a residential neighborhood not only endangers public health but is illegal under our city’s zoning laws,” Chiu said. “These conditions would not be tolerated in any other neighborhood, and we cannot tolerate them in the Bayview.”

OCII is the successor agency to the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, and it is responsible for implementing the Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan in this area.

“With the assistance of the City, OCII will fulfill the redevelopment objectives to create a diverse and vibrant residential area in this former industrial area,” Morales said.

“The rebuilding of the Alice Griffith residential community, across the street from these unauthorized uses, was a significant first step in this effort that must be protected by ensuring compliance with the current residential zoning,” Morales said.

Bayview Hunter’s Point residents have complained about the dust problem since the beginning of last year.

Officials with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District confirmed that air quality is poor in the area.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Shamann Walton, who represents District 10, said, “The community has been the leading force behind this most imperative action. We may even have to take further steps to deal with these irresponsible companies.”

One source of the dust was traced to concrete and construction companies operating at 955 Egbert Avenue. Similar operations are occurring nearby at 895 Fitzgerald Avenue and 700 Gilman Avenue.

The property owner of these lots, Murphy Properties, Inc., rents space to construction companies Bauman Redi-Mix Concrete, Precision Engineering, and M Squared Construction. These three entities use the space for a variety of heavy industrial purposes, including crushing and mixing concrete and asphalt, transporting soil, and storing crushed materials and debris.

Approximately 30-40 trucks travel to and from the site daily carrying materials and stirring up additional dust and debris. Neighbors also complain about excessive vibration and noise from the heavy industrial activity.

The lots are situated between the Candlestick RV Park on one side, and the newly-rebuilt Alice Griffith residential community on the other side.

“Hundreds of people live in close proximity to these unpermitted industrial operations, and have endured the consequences,” city leaders wrote.

OCII and the City Attorney plan to inspect the sites on March 15, by which time Bauman Redi-Mix Concrete, Precision Engineering, and M Squared Construction have been ordered to safely wrap up their unauthorized operations at the sites.