SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — Residents of Santa Rosa have noticed a strange side effect of last week’s earthquake.

Many people who live along Mark West Creek have noticed that the water level in the creek has been rising since last week’s earthquake. “We were jolted. Both Suzie and I were upstairs,” said John Macaulay.

Last Tuesday, Macaulay and his wife Suzie were at home along Carriage Lane in Santa Rosa when a magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck. “Everything shook in the house. It opened the drawers, knocked pictures down,” said John Macaulay.

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After the quake, John looked out the window and saw a wave of water rushing down nearby Mark West Creek. For months, the creek had been a little more than a series of stagnant pools, but now the water had suddenly risen 4-6 inches.

“We looked at it and it looked like there was a wave of water coming down the stream. It was as if you were at the seashore, and you watched the waves break on the beach. Closer and closer as the tide is coming in.   that’s what I would liken it to,” said John Macaulay.

John said that he emailed Sonoma County as well as the county’s water agency and has been told the most likely explanation for the surge is that the earthquake released some underground spring of water somewhere upstream. The water in the creek has since leveled off.

John and Suzie lost their home a few years ago to the Tubbs Fire and Mark West Creek can sometimes flood so they are grateful this did not turn into a problem.

“Nice that it has tapered off,” said John Macaulay. John said that since the earthquake and the surge in water, he has seen river otters and steelhead salmon in the creek.