East Bay celebrates Vice President Harris taking office

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – There was been a lot of celebration in the East Bay on Wednesday.

Vice President Kamala Harris was born in Oakland and raised in Berkeley.

Out in front of Thousand Oaks Elementary School, a banner has been hung up congratulating their most famous alumna, Madame Vice President.

Several people came out here just to take pictures in front of this sign on this historic day.

Neighbors and some teachers from this school and other Berkeley schools came out to take selfies in front of the banner with a picture of now Vice President Harris.

Teachers who spoke with KRON4 watched the Inauguration live with their students, virtually.

A 4th-grade teacher wore a hoodie being sold by the PTA here with the vice president’s face on it.

“They’re able to identify with someone who came from a similar background that they have and that gives them hope and inspiration they can do anything that they set their mind too,” Anne Hirose said.

A 2nd-grade teacher was sporting a Rosie the Riveter pin with Kamala’s face and a Kamala Harris face mask.

“To see that Kamala is there and is breaking the glass ceiling in politics but also it for women everywhere, just to be bold to believe in yourself, to be true and fight for what you believe in, all women should be raising that bar too. We are seeing, I feel that, that I know my colleagues feel that, we’re super excited to see what women will do moving forward,” Lisa Rossi said.

Valentina Wilson Pacheco was brought to the mural in the school’s courtyard that features Harris so her mom could snap her photo.  

The 6-year-old, who is of Mexican and African American descent, says she’s happy to see someone who looks like her take on such a significant role.

“Like maybe I can change the world to and be vice president, that be really cool to make some changes in the world,” Valentina said

“It’s a pink Lotus seed rosewater ice cream with spectacles of pistachios chopped in,” Koolfi Creamery founder said.

The founders of Koolfi Creamery in San Leandro whipped up a special ice cream flavor to honor who is both the first Black and first Asian American female vice president.

The businesswomen are Indian immigrants, like Kamala’s mother, and feel a special pride today.

“These are all moments that make you feel like you belong in this country, particularly as an immigrant, it was really heartwarming to hear her and see her there, we cried,” the founders said.

That couple says they were hoping to take the next two months off but now they’ve got to get back to work making more Kamala Blossom ice cream because the stores they sell it at, are already sold out.

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