CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Residents of the East Bay community of Blackhawk are being warned about a game in which teams of teenagers attempt to shoot and eliminate their opposition using Nerf gun projectiles. The game is called “Assassins,” and the objective is to eliminate opposing team members by targeting them with Nerf guns.

Blackhawk Police have already received two calls involving teenagers playing the game.

Teenagers throughout the community are playing the game, which is nationally recognized and has been in existence for several years, according to an email to Blackhawk residents from Blackhawk Police obtained by KRON4. Monte Vista High School, where most Blackhawk residents attend school, reportedly launched its Assassins game last week.

“You may witness or encounter some teenagers in the course of this game throughout the community,” police cautioned. “As previously mentioned, the object of this game is to shoot your opponent with a Nerf gun, thus eliminating them from the play.”

The game is reportedly played over several rounds. “The team with the most kills and fewest casualties,” throughout those rounds is the winner, police said.

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“Many who are unaware of this game may become alarmed or concerned due to what they consider strange or suspicious behavior by involved players,” police said, adding that, “to this point, there have been no reported accidents or violations of any laws as a result of playing the game.”

Blackhawk Police anticipate the game may continue for several weeks, or even months, before a winner is determined. Neither of the calls Blackhawk Police received were criminal in nature, but both aroused suspicion due to the players’ suspicious behavior and the fact that they occurred in the early hours of the morning.

“Please continue to notify the Sheriff’s Department and your Blackhawk Police of any suspicious behavior,” the email concluded.