CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — A Contra Costa County couple was charged with torturing their 11-year-old daughter, who died.

The torture, child abuse and aggravated mayhem charges against Rene Mauricio Diaz and Crystal McKinsey Diaz were filed on March 25, according to the complaint.

Their daughter remained unidentified in the court document, but was identified as Annai at a memorial displayed to honor her outside of her house in Rodeo.

The home on Railroad Avenue was a house of horrors.

“We knew that there was something weird — like, for one, if you don’t let your kid out the house, something is definitely wrong,” neighbor Allen Jones said.

Jones lives next door.

The charges include wording such as “intent to cause cruel and extreme pain and suffering,” “intentionally cause permanent disability and disfigurement and deprivation of a limb, organ and body member of JANE DOE,” and put the child in circumstances “likely to produce great bodily harm and death.”

The complaint notes the abuse lasted at least five months, from Nov. 27, 2020 up to March 23, 2021.

In one specific incident, Deputy District Attorney Derek Butts says the girl was intentionally burned.

“The physical injuries that I saw involved extensive massive bruising in numerous areas,” Butts said. “Other injuries were described to me similar to that.”

Butts says the girl’s father and Crystal, her stepmother, called 911 early in the morning about two weeks ago on March 23, reporting a medical emergency with the child.

She was pronounced dead inside the Diaz’s master bedroom.

A cause of death has not yet been determined.

“Normally, children don’t just die from a medical condition that’s unseen,” Butts said. “We have no information that she had an outstanding or underlying medical condition.”

Butts say three other children ranging between the ages of three and nine years old also lived in the home, but have since been removed and are safe.

Jones said the parents mostly kept to themselves, and typically we not friendly.

“We made complains to our landlords about them, and I’m sorry that it took this — this terrible. Tragic,” he said.

If found responsible for the child’s death, the couple could also be charged with murder.

District Attorney Scott Alonso said the bail for each defendant is set at $1,400,000. They will be arraigned next week.