MARTINEZ (KRON) – Contra Costa County has identified its first group of invasive mosquito species.

The Contra Costa County Mosquito and Vector Control District is now doing surveillance and treatment in the area where the mosquitos were found in Martinez to make sure they are eliminated before becoming widespread.

Officials say these mosquitoes are very aggressive day biters that can transmit viruses like Zika and the virus that causes Yellow Fever. The species, Aedes aegypti, is originally from West Africa, and was first detected in California in 2014.

Mosquitoes can hide in vegetation and debris which makes it hard to find and eliminate them, so the control district is setting up traps and going door-to-door.

This specific species is not native to California and is usually found in tropical areas around the world. These invasive mosquitoes are small, with black bodies and white stripes.

These are some tips from the control district about how to avoid a mosquito infestation:

  • Toss out any standing water, as these mosquitos eggs stick to surfaces,
  • Scrub bird baths, containers and outdoor pet dishes and pots, and
  • Report any mosquito bites from the day you get to the district.