LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — A recent campus survey shows 425 students at Granada High School in Livermore experienced some form of discrimination last school year. Members of the student body are bringing attention to the issue.

On Tuesday, 425 chairs were on display at Granada High, representing the 241 students reporting they have been discriminated against based on their race and the 184 who have reported discrimination based on sexual orientation.

“Obviously, we can’t end discrimination — all of it,” said student Trenton Thomsen. “But we want to make sure that this is not the norm in our community, and we want to make sure that everyone has the resources that they need to be an upstander and not a bystander.”

Thomsen is openly queer and has had slurs hurled at him as a result. The group he founded on-campus, Humans Against Hate, is behind the campaign against discrimination.

“I remember being scared to speak out a lot when I was younger and I look back at that and I try to make my younger self proud a lot,” Thomsen said. “And I just think about the future kids that this could have an impact on, and they could have a better life here.”

“We tried to humanize the chairs and represent actual people at Granada,” said senior Elle Bowman. “So, on some of them, it says you’re a team captain. So, every fourth chair is labeled as a person to show that this is something going on within our school and it’s actual people.”

The message is spreading through campus on wristbands, posters and posts online. On Friday, students will be asked to take a pledge to stand against hate.

“Students can go out and sign their name and say that they are going to be an upstander and they’re going to make an effort to be more inclusive to everyone on campus,” said senior Kate Wiser.