PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (KRON) — An ocean diver who went missing off the coast of Pebble Beach for several days has been found dead.

The scuba diver was identified as Zachary Nelson, 27, of Newark by the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office coroner. Nelson went scuba diving with three divers off Fan Shell Beach on January 28.

“Four divers had entered the water, but the dive was quickly called off due to equipment issues. Three of the four divers made it to the shore, but the fourth diver was struggling in the surf about 100 meters offshore. (Nelson) was hit by a large wave and did not resurface,” the Sheriff’s Office stated.

Nelson’s fellow divers wrote, “We all surfaced and swam toward shore when he was separated. We were not far from the shore when a large wave hit and we did not see him after.”

Nelson was wearing fins, a 8MM dive suit, and an Apple Watch. There was no sign of Nelson for days despite water and air search efforts conducted by the Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Coast Guard. Strong winter swells made conditions challenging for search operations.

A body was found on the north end of Fan Shell Beach on February 3. The sheriff’s coroner identified the human remains as the missing diver and notified his family.

The beaches along Pebble Beach’s shoreline are world famous for scuba diving, however, drownings are not uncommon due to challenging underwater conditions.