WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – An East Bay non-profit hosted a fundraiser on Monday to help Afghan refugees during what they call a critical and urgent moment.

Their mission began with the war 20 years ago but the need has ramped up in the last month as the Taliban has gained more power in their former home.

This non-profit does all kinds of things for all refugees with a focus on the Afghan community.

From airport pick-ups to enrolling kids into school, to housing, and Monday’s event focused specifically on furnishing those homes — The Jewish Family and Community Services organized a call to action which was answered on Monday.

People dropped off all kinds of household items at a storage unit in Walnut Creek.

For big families moving into small apartments, twin-sized beds and mattresses are a big help.

A coordinator tells KRON4 the need is greater than ever as U.S. troops have pulled out of Afghanistan — People there who helped our military, whether it be translators or even those who served meals on base, have been targeted by the Taliban.

They are coming to live here, specifically in places like Concord where a big Afghan community already exists.

Refugees resettling are eligible for this aid if they arrive on a special immigrant visa.

“They’re just happy to be safe. These people are coming from 20 years of war and many of them have been specifically targeted. They’re safe but they still have mothers, brothers, siblings in Afghanistan who are still at risk,” Ami Dodson, JFCS volunteer services manager, said.

There is a sense of relief but Dodson explains refugees are still anxious for loved ones who couldn’t come with them.

This group typically helps about 135 individuals in one year.

They’re on track to triple the number of resettlers.

75 people migrated in August – 100 more each month for the next three months.

Dodson expects this to continue for another six months.

Finding a place to live is hard for locals let alone refugees here in the Bay Area without a financial track record so the Jewish Family and Community Services has been asking for co-signers to lease as well.

A big ask but they are getting volunteers.

If you’d like to help, tap on the following links: