East Bay residents fear strange, mysterious smell could be toxic


A strong gas odor in an East Bay community has neighbors on edge. 

It all started on Saturday and as of Monday, there are still no answers about the fumes.

KRON4 is in Bay Point with details on what may be behind the mysterious smell. The fumes were so bad, neighbors are still having side effects.

One of their main concerns is if the smell is toxic.

It all started late Saturday night.

“I noticed my husband was coughing so I just closed all the windows,” resident Cheri Dove said.

Even with the windows closed, Dove says that didn’t help much.

“Any time some person is nauseated, throwing up, headaches, burning of the eyes, breathing issues, that’s a serious issue,” Dove said.

With no alerts from the city, she went to the Nextdoor app to see if other neighbors were experiencing the same thing.

And they were.

“It was pretty bad. My wife called in like two times, three times,” another resident said.

“It was a snowball effect and everyone was concerned. What was this smell?” Dove said. “People going toward Benicia and as far as Antioch could smell it.”

Families wanted answers.

“We called PG&E. We called 911. We called the fire department,” Dove said. “And we didn’t get any answers.”

As the days have gone by, the smell has gotten better but not without consequences.

“The effects of it though,” Dove said. “I still have the headache. Still have the breathing. I’m using my inhaler which I never do. I did make an appointment to go see the doctor because I am concerned just like everyone else. If it is a toxic gas, what is it and why aren’t they telling us what it is?”

KRON4 spoke with the air quality district on Monday and was told it was aware of the odor.

Inspectors have been out trying to figure out what it is, but as of Monday night, there is no official word on where it is coming from.



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