LIVERMORE (KRON) — Today’s hot weather had people making their way to water.

It was 85 degrees in Union City, but temperatures reached 89 degrees.

Right next-door in Fremont during these dog days of summer, families stayed out of the water and stayed out of the heat.

“We have the shade, we have a tent, we got trees, we got the breeze, it’s perfect,” Ray said.

Those hanging out at Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area in Fremont are thankful it’s not sizzling like it is in other parts of the Bay.

“Livermore, it’s too hot out there, you need to come to Fremont,” Ray said.

Further east in Livermore — it was a scorching 100 degrees.

But, oven-like conditions are not a problem for some children.

Lizzie Fountain Park in downtown Livermore provided touch and go relief from the scorching heat.

When asked how the water was, one child replied, “Good, we get to run around in it and it’s cold,” he said.

“Water feels good, it’s really hot in Livermore today,” Jim Durkin said.

The adults had fun too.

Durkin from Hayward is celebrating his 70th birthday with his grandchildren.

“We just got finished eating lunch and then we saw this and we said well it might be a nice place to cool off in,” he said.

Some parents kept it cool in the shade.

“Yes, it’s really hot today,” Souzan Elkaazenker said. “My daughter wanted to play in the water so I let the kids play.”