DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) – Neighbors in the East Bay are worried about fires sparked by fireworks ahead of the 4th of July.

This comes as ‘Safe and Sane’ fireworks go on sale today in Dublin.

You can see the booths set up behind looks like they are ready for people to come out and buy fireworks today, starts at noon. 

However, there are some changes being made because of the pandemic. 

When you come here you are required to practice social distancing. 

Also, fireworks are not allowed at any city park, facility, business park, school, or multi-housing property. 

So where can you use fireworks at? Well, at your private residence only.

If you live in neighborhoods managed by a homeowners association (HOA), you should check with the HOA before using ‘Safe and Sane’ fireworks.

Also, for the past few weeks residents throughout the Bay Area have reported seeing illegal fireworks, this has them concerned for a number of reasons. 

“Are concern about the noise and also concerns about fire danger,” a Alameda County resident said.  

“The loud booms that we are hearing constantly other neighbors have found fire work kegs on the street,” another resident said.

“Law enforcement attention this year was not cracking down on illegal fireworks, as we were dealing with a lot of issue with law enforcement in our community, gave people ability to bring in illegal fireworks,” Sgt. Ray Kelly with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department said. 

Now, officials are saying if you are caught using illegal fire works you will be fined and could face jail time.

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