OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – People living in an East Oakland neighborhood say police are ignoring their concerns about crime. One woman shared video of shell casings found in the street the morning after a drive-by shooting.

She says she called police, but she doesn’t think officers ever showed up. Not only were there casings, but there’s also video where you can hear and see the gunshots ringing out.

The woman who is trying to raise awareness about this says the crime terrorized her neighborhood and there was practically no response from police. She says it feels like her area of East Oakland is often being forgotten.

The video is grainy but the sound is unmistakable — a barrage of gunshots ringing out on 100th Avenue between Cherry and Plymouth Streets Monday night.

The next morning, residents found shell casings all over the street – even after police told them they found nothing the night before.

“We’re pretty used to having a lot of illegal fireworks, occasional gunshots, sideshows,” said Charlene Evans. “We hear a lot of noise sometimes here at night, but this was very obviously a gunshot volley.”

Evans says Oakland police did not seem to take their concerns seriously when neighbors first called about the drive-by shooting. She says they were told it was just fireworks, but multiple cameras in the neighborhood show differently.

“I think it was a rolling car shoot-out battle that just happened to land in our neighborhood,” she said. 

Evans says after sharing video and tagging Oakland city leaders on social media she finally got a response from Oakland city councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

The councilmember said they talked with the interim chief about the situation and that Evans should expect a call. Evans wants to know why it feels like East Oaklanders need to jump through hoops.

“I feel like if we were Rockridge, or Piedmont, or any of those other neighborhoods, there would have been immediate response and action taken. But I feel like we’re kinda forgotten over here in East Oakland,” she said. 

Evans is thankful no one in her neighborhood was hurt during the shooting. For her, the takeaway of this crime is to get involved and to make sure she and her neighbors have a voice against gun violence.

“I’m ready to get involved and I’m ready to help work for a solution. I don’t know what the solution is but I would love to be a part of a conversation,” she said. 

Evans says the police did visit the neighborhood again on Wednesday and she hopes in the future they respond in a more timely manner.