PLEASANT HILL (KRON) – It’s going to be a costly Easter for people across the country.

The things you may use to celebrate Easter like butter, milk and eggs have gone up in price.

Here’s an idea as to how much eggs cost right now — these are the prices at a local Safeway:

It’s about six dollars for a dozen brown eggs and 18 eggs can cost you about $8.

If you’re looking to buy a dozen white eggs, the least you’ll pay is about $4

The whole sale prices for eggs is up nearly three times — over this time last year.

Its because of a recent bird flu outbreak, which has wiped out more than 20 million birds and tightened the supply for eggs.

The demand for eggs is even higher just as Easter is approaching.

Businesses like bakeries that use hundreds of eggs every day are going to feel the price pinch, and so are people going to the grocery store.

According to the United States Department of Labor’s price index in the last year milk is up 11%.

Butter is up by more than 5%, candy has increased 7%, and the price of eggs has skyrocketed by 50%.

The real egg hunt this weekend is trying to find a good price for a tray of eggs.