EBMUD customers: How much more you’ll pay after water rate hikes approved

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – East Bay Municipal Utility District officials on Tuesday approved water rate increases for customers as part of a long-term infrastructure improvement plan.

According to a statement, the board voted 7-0 to approve the water and wastewater rates, which will increase 4% each in the first year, starting July 1, 2021, and an additional 4% each in the second year, starting July 1, 2022.

“We have carefully threaded the needle to meet the challenges facing our customers and our needs to invest in our critical infrastructure,” said Board President Doug Linney. “Today, we adopted water rates that are lower than previously projected and wastewater rates that were on target, while advancing upgrades to respond to aging infrastructure and climate change.”

What effect this will have on customers depends on water use.

According to EBMUD, an average household using 200 gallons daily will see a $2.53 increase per month starting July 2021, and an additional increase of $2.66 per month the following year.

By comparison, a low-water user (100 gallons daily) would see a $1.79 increase per month for the first year and an additional $1.88 per month starting July 2022.

If you’re a high-water user (600 gallons daily) your bill will go up $6.85 per month the first year and an additional 98 cents starting July 1, 2022.

The wastewater Wet Weather Facilities Charge, collected on the property tax bill for parcels that are connected to the wastewater collection system in our wastewater service area, is based on lot size. This charge will increase by 4 percent each year. For the typical single-family residential lot size, 5,000 square-feet and under, the annual increase will be $4.64 in FY22 and an additional $4.82 in FY23.

According to EBMUD, in the next two years, this budget funds about $800 million of capital improvements to the system, which includes replacing aging water pipelines and replacing large water transmissionpipes.

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