CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) – Sticker shock appears to be getting worse for grocery shoppers faced with rising food prices.

Economists say inflation is to blame and the problem likely will not level off anytime soon.

This as salaries are not keeping pace.

If you are in the market for a pound of bacon and it is still in stock, good luck finding anything for less than $10.

“Everything to me has doubled,” a shopper said. 

Seniors living on a fixed income are struggling to buy basic groceries. In fact, all of us are falling victim to inflation.

“According to my son, salaries not going up, but prices going up,” the shopper said. 

In Concord, we checked the shelves at the Safeway store on Clayton Road and the FoodMaxx next door.

At both locations, we saw the same thing. Items like eggs, milk, and frozen foods either marked up higher than they were pre-pandemic or simply sold out and not restocked.

“Especially right now, that we’re getting into Thanksgiving, and I’m supposed to buy certain things and I’m hoping that they’ll be here next week. I didn’t want to have to get it now, because it’s too early to get a good-sized ham and then I have to store it,” Madeline, a shopper, said. 

In the past year, bacon prices are up 20% and eggs up about 12%.

“I don’t know what else to do, but try to cut back on other things. I had to put things back in order to get the things that we wanted for Thanksgiving dinner,” Judy, another shopper, said. 

Judy Burmeister was shocked to learn the same-sized turkey she purchased last year was twice the price this year.

She believes supply is not keeping up with demand.

“All of those trucks that people are driving to the stores, we need more truck drivers and I think that’s a big problem,” Judy said. 

A problem made worse by the year-over-year increase in gas prices by 50%.