HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) — An elderly man was robbed and beaten in front of his Hayward home after a trip to the bank last week. He sustained scratches on his face, a busted lip and bruises all over his body. 

On Aug. 14, Ralph, a 72-year-old Hayward resident, visited the Patelco Credit Union to deposit a check and withdraw $500. On his way back home, Ralph says a man hit his car at a stop light. There was no damage to his car so he continued to drive home and began to suspect that he was being followed.

Ralph drove to Saint Rose Hospital in an attempt to lose the car. When he thought the coast was clear, he drove to his home off Tennyson Road. Around 4 p.m., he arrived home and began to exit his car. 

“Somebody hit me in the back of the head and a lot of times,” Ralph said. “He tried to grab my shoulder bag and pull it. Inside there was my cell phone and cash.”

A struggle ensued between the two men as they fought over the shoulder bag. Ralph fell to the ground and yelled for help as the suspect began kicking him.

Several neighbors came outside to see what was happening and called 911. Ralph says the suspect stole his phone and $200 before fleeing the scene.

Ralph was hospitalized and was relieved to find out nothing was broken. He says the man was driving a black sedan and appeared to be in his mid 30s. 

Hayward police have spoken with witnesses, but no arrests have been made. Ralph is hoping police can use traffic cameras to help identify the man.

“I have to be more careful. Always aware there is something or someone behind me,” said Ralph.