Electric pogo sticks could be coming soon to San Francisco

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Forget electric scooters and electric bikes – people in San Francisco could soon be “jumping into the future” with electric pogo sticks! 

That’s right – San Francisco could be the first city in the U.S. to get them, never mind the hills. 

The e-pogo sticks are the brainchild of Swedish startup Cangoroo, which is “challenging e-scooter sharing companies with a new type of vehicle for urban environments.”

According to Cangoroo’s mission statement, its goal is to partner with cities, schools, and communities to offer “an alternative, joyful way of getting to wherever life takes you,” with the company saying it’s all about fitness, health and fun – not just commuting.

The app-based pogo stick service give its jumpers not only an alternative mode of transportation, but jumpers would also be able to track how many jumps they make in an effort to track fitness, too, according to the Malmö , Sweden-based company. 

The service is expected to launch in Malmö and Stockholm later this summer, then eventually making its way to London and finally San Francisco come fall. 

Some people are skeptical of the pogo stick rental service. 

Here’s what some people had to say about it on social media: 

“pogo sticks in san francisco. Its so hilly, you risk death just trying to park if you’re driving a stick shift. but sure. Pogo sticks.”

“The pogo sticks in San Francisco should have spikes on them to help pick-up the trash.”

“Pogo sticks. in San Francisco. What could possibly go wrong?”

“there’s really a startup deploying POGO STICKS in San Francisco? a mobility sta4rtup? you dont use pogo sticks TO GET PLACES FASTER?!?!? imagine calling an Uber and some due traipses through on pogo stick”

“Something about the geography of San Francisco makes me think pogo sticks are a bad idea”

“They may not have a car or a place to live, but da*n it the people of San Francisco have pogo sticks”

“That Swedish company ready to ship pogo sticks to San Francisco has a ready-made market here. We’ll try anything.”

“No no no. Imagine cresting any hill in San Francisco on a pogo stick. The falls, collisions & pogo sticks tossed into the bay aren’t worth it. If you want a pogo stick, they’re cheap because of their massive popularity. Go buy one. Post videos of you bouncing up & down hills.”

To address the skepticism, Cangoroo CEO Adam Mikkelsen released a statement addressing the concerns. 

“With a lot of initial questions along the line of ‘is this for real?’, we feel the need to underline that Cangoroo is 100% real,” Mikkelsen said in a statement last month. “Our choice of shared pogo sticks as our first product is a planned-out strategy in order to stand out in today’s media landscape and build an engaging brand in the generic ‘last mile transportation’ category.”

What are your thoughts on pogo sticks coming to San Francisco? 

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