SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Elon Musk was on Twitter Monday night, taking aim at two of his frequent targets: downtown San Francisco and “wokeness.”

“The disaster that is downtown SF, once beatiful (sic) and thriving, now a derelict zombie apocalypse, is due to the woke mind virus,” the Tesla CEO tweeted in response to a tweet about Dave Chappelle’s recent SF appearance.

“Dave Chappelle skewers San Francisco’s downfall, blames woke leadership,” read the tweet Musk was responding to.

During a surprise, last-minute appearance at the Masonic last week, Chappelle reportedly asked the audience, “What the f–k happened to this place?” A report in SFGate singled out Chappelle’s performance for containing transphobic “dog whistles,” but made no mention of the comedian calling out the city’s “woke leadership.”

‘Woke” ideology being responsible for San Francisco’s problems has become a frequent social media trope. This was particularly so following the fatal stabbing of tech CEO Bob Lee last month, after which Musk tweeted that violent crime in the city was “horrific.”

San Francisco’s problems have been back in the spotlight lately, following the closure of several downtown department stores and the recent airing of a CNN special asking, “What Happened to San Francisco?”

It’s true that property crime in the city is up and that downtown SF has hollowed out. However, a study from Institute of Governmental Studies cited the failure of remote tech workers to return to the office, rather than “woke” ideology, as being the main reason behind downtown SF’s slow recovery.

During his performance at the Masonic last week, Chappelle also reportedly said that San Francisco “needs a Batman” to help clean up its current problems.