(KRON) — A collision between a Cruise car and fire truck occurred Thursday night at the intersection of Polk and Turk streets in San Francisco, according to Cruise.

After 10 p.m., a Cruise car entered the intersection on a green light when it was struck by a fire truck that appeared to be on its way to an emergency scene. Witnesses at the scene told KRON4 the emergency vehicle had its lights flashing and sirens on at the time.

The crash happened while the firetruck was in “Code 3” emergency mode, meaning the fire truck’s lights and siren were activated, the San Francisco Police Department said. SFPD said when an emergency vehicle is in Code 3 mode, all other traffic must yield.

The Cruise car contained one passenger at the time of the crash and they were transported to a hospital with non-severe injuries, Cruise said.

“Our primary concern is the rider and their welfare, and we have reached out to offer support. We are also deeply mindful of the well-being of the first responders and any individuals affected by this incident,” Cruise said.

This collision comes amid the recently approved expansion of robotaxi service in the city despite multiple instances of the driverless cars blocking traffic on city roads.

“The San Francisco Police Department would also like to remind everyone that vehicles, whether operated by a driver or autonomous, bicycles, and scooters are required to yield to on duty emergency vehicles operating in an emergency mode,” SFPD wrote. “Failing to yield to emergency vehicles, can slow responses to emergency calls for service, and, in some cases, prevent the emergency vehicle from being able to respond at all.”

This remains an active investigation, SFPD said.