EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — Emeryville Mayor John Bauters canceled a scheduled trip to a Tesla factory in Fremont over the policies Elon Musk has enacted since taking over Twitter. He posted screenshots on Twitter Thursday morning of the email that he sent to Tesla informing them of his cancellation.

“Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk, recently acquired Twitter, a social media platform used by millions of people for social and political discourse,” he wrote in part. “In the brief time since acquiring the company for $44 billion, he has used it to censor free speech, distort social discourse with disinformation, and institute new policies that have undermined other businesses, major political leaders, and everyday people who are vulnerable to online or personal harassment, misinformation or opportunistic actors.”

Musk has made several changes since buying Twitter, including instituting a new “Twitter Blue” system that allows users to pay for a blue checkmark. Previously, only people considered notable were given a checkmark, and the change has led to chaos as accounts impersonating celebrities have duped users.

Bauters said the goal of his Tesla tour would have been for him to learn about the Tesla EV manufacturing process. He said Tesla has concerns about permitting timelines at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and Bauters is chair of the BAAQMD’s board of directors.

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However, he said Musk’s actions with Twitter caused him to spend more time correcting disinformation. He also claimed these rules “widen the social divide in this country.”

Bauters was elected as Emeryville’s mayor in 2020. You can read his whole message HERE.