FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) — In the East Bay, Tesla has shutdown production of vehicles at it’s Fremont factory, but there are still people showing up for work.

In Fremont, Tesla shut down car production at its factory on Tuesday. Driving past the factory on Wednesday, it looked like the employee parking lot is mostly empty.

There are total of about 10,000 people who work at the factory. As of right now, only a fraction of them are still coming to work.

It appears that the Tesla is still loading up trucks with cars for deliveries. There’s also still quite a few cars near the front of the factory.

People were seen walking around on Wednesday afternoon at Tesla as they are going to temporarily suspend production of vehicles and reduce to basic operations. That means folks will be working, but not as many as normal. Those that are working are going to be doing what they call vehicle and energy service operations. Also, people are still working on the charging infrastructure that is so important to Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesla has also said that they will close down their New York factory and other locations like their facility in Nevada.

Tesla is still delivering vehicles and they are allowing what they call touch less deliveries, meaning that the vehicle will be dropped off to somebody who bought it the vehicle be left like in a parking lot.

People can come get into their cars with a code, fill out some paperwork, drop that paperwork off and pick up their vehicle without ever actually talking to anyone.

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