(KRON) – In Contra Costa County, fire officials are not ready to call an end to the fire season. However, that will likely change if we can get another week or so of rain.

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District recently began tailing back its initial response to wildfires. During the summer, crews were staffed up because fires were growing rapidly due to extremely dry conditions. Now, crews are instructed to head to a call and evaluate the situation before requesting more resources.

“We’ll still run exterior fires even through November and December, but they just, the likelihood to spread and get very large or drastically reduced,” said CCCFPD Assistant Chief Chris Bachman.

The rain was expected, and Bachman hopes it keeps up for at least another week or so. He says his crews had a busy summer.

“By the end of September, we had already ran more fires than we ran all last year for exterior fires,” Bachman said. “So, our numbers are definitely up this year.”

Bachman is paying close attention to the brown hillsides. Once the grass turns green and dead brush and trees are cleared, the fire season that started in May will end. But he says at this point, Con Fire essentially fights wildfires year-round.

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“It’s just the size at which they grow and the number of resources we have to put on them is dramatically reduced over the winter months,” he explained.

Bachman cautions against calling the Season early because if this wet weather is followed by a few days of wind events combined with low humidity, the fire risk is still there.