‘Enough is enough’: 3 people suing Vallejo PD for racial profiling accusations

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VALLEJO (KRON) — Cell phone video shows a man pushed to the ground and thrown into handcuffs.

The man is just one of the three people now suing the Vallejo Police Department.

“You’re interfering with me my man? You’re interfering?” the officer says in the video.

U.S. Marine Veteran Adrian Burrell was on his front porch, videotaping a Vallejo police officer holding his cousin at gunpoint when Burrell said that officer David Mclaughlin attacked him.

Burrell has moved out of Vallejo because he said Mclaughlin is back on patrol.

“To know this guy is patrolling in the neighborhood I live in and if he chooses to pull me over, then its my word against his again,” Burrell said.

Delon Thurston also filed a lawsuit against the Vallejo Police Department.

She said she was driving home from work when officers pulled her over, accusing her of stealing her own car.

She was thrown to the ground and arrested.

“I was asking questions upon being touched out of my car like why are you touching me,” Thurston said. “Knowing my rights, it was a paddy wagon full of big ol bully officers, unmarked car — it just was very scary.”

And in April, Deyana Jenkins said she was pulled over by Vallejo police officers while driving with a few of her girlfriends.

The 19-year-old said the officers were holding their guns.

She couldn’t find her license and was dragged out of her car, thrown to the ground, tased and arrested.

“So you guys think this is a game,” Jenkins said. “You guys laugh about it, you think its a joke. It’s not a joke on our behalf. We are angry, we are upset.”

“Frankly we are disgusted with the city of Vallejo Police Department,” Attorney John Burris said. “In our view, it’s an out of control department.”

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