WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) — The owners of a small Walnut Creek salon and plant shop are trying to do what they can to help their stylists after thousands of dollars worth of their equipment was stolen. It happened early Wednesday morning at “Fringe and Fern” on South Main Street.

The owners believe this wasn’t a random crime.

The owners told KRON4 they don’t know who the people in the surveillance video were, but they think they scoped out the place. The owners said suspects knew exactly where all the expensive equipment was placed and where the some of the cameras were.

“To have someone walk into your space is an incredibly violating feeling. You just feel disgusting down to the core,” owner Shelbie Jackson said.

Video of the moments at least two people broke into Fringe and Fern on South Main Street in Walnut Creek. Owners Shelbie and Blaine Jackson were just coming back from taking a few days off to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

They say they felt it was safe to leave their things behind. Now, they’ve lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including clippers, sheers, and all the blow dryers.

“All of our stylists and barbers have been doing hair for over a decade so they’ve accumulated very good quality stuff,” Shelbie said.

But Blaine Jackson said the stylist community came out to help get them back on their feet.

They are now able to operate the salon again because of the support. They even started a fundraiser to help the stylist.

“So many customers and clients (direct messaging) us, some people just randomly sending me Venmo to donate to their stylist and shop,” Shelbie said.

The owners said they are very grateful for all of the support, and they feel very loved by the community.