Erin Brockovich to represent North Bay Firestorm victims against PG&E

Bay Area

It’s been nearly a year since the North Bay Firestorm caused major destruction. 

Now, fire victims who are suing PG&E have some star power backing them.

Erin Brockovich, known for successfully suing PG&E in the 1990s, is back at it.

And on Tuesday night, she talked with fire victims during an intimate meet-and-greet.

People who lost everything to the Firestorm tell KRON4 that having Brockovich on their side is a boost of confidence, considering she’s successfully taken on power giant PG&E before.

So, they hope with her help they’ll do it again.

“I was amazed riding through town today through some of the sites,” Brockovich said. “A lot of those trees have grown right into those power lines so this has to be dealt with.”

Brockovich is taking action Cal Fire determined their equipment is responsible for at least a dozen of the destructive fires.

Victims of the fire had a chance to ask her questions directly in the intimate setting at Teamsters Hall in Santa Rosa.

“How about this? You maintain your power lines and follow the regulations in cutting your trees back,” Brockovich said. “And be responsive. You are the public utility company. It is your responsibility.”

Victims say the meet-and-greet also served as one more way to connect with others suffering the same loss.

“We barely escaped with our lives,” fire victim Mauri Wilber said. “We lost pets. We have a surviving dog that got burned. We’ve been displaced, and we’re not young, and to start again right now is a difficult process for anyone, let alone the thousands of people that are dealing with this right now and right here.”

Having Brockovich in their corner, the fire victims say it brings optimism in this difficult time.

“I follow her case in Southern California,” fire victim Karl Horcher said. “I think she’s just been a breath of fresh air for this community. This has been a tough ordeal for people, and I think having her on board is going to get us through the pains we’re going through and ease our pains and give us some of the answers to get us through this.”



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