SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Former San Francisco fire commissioner Don Carmignani is now under investigation for a string of bear spray attacks on unhoused people. San Francisco police commissioners had some questions for Police Chief Bill Scott regarding that development and why the public wasn’t made aware of these attacks sooner.

At a recent San Francisco Police Commission meeting, Scott faced questions about the eight bear spray attacks, which date back to November 2021. Scott says information reported that the suspect description in each case is the same is not accurate

According to San Francisco police investigators, the suspect is described predominantly as male. In one incident, the suspect is reported to be female. Race has been described as white or Hispanic, age between 30 to 50, and weight from as low as 160 up to 300 pounds.

These bear spray attacks came to light during a recent criminal proceeding at the Hall of Justice in the case of The People vs. Garret Doty, a homeless person accused of assaulting Carmignani. Police Commissioner Max Carter-Oberstone has concerns regarding the public just now learning about this.

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The defendant, Doty, claims this was a case of self-defense, alleging that Carmignani attacked him with bear spray on April 5. Chief Scott now confirms Carmignani is under investigation.

However, the former fire commissioner’s involvement has yet to be proven.