WINDSOR (KRON) – Dominic Foppoli, the disgraced former mayor of Windsor who resigned after he was accused of rape and sexual assault, confirmed to KRON4 he will not be running again for the position — this year, at least.

However, Foppoli did say “I’m absolutely not ruling out a run in 2024.”

“I’m concentrating on a new love in my life and new business and charity opportunities,” he stated to KRON4. “I don’t have the time to concentrate on getting back into politics yet. Unfairly I went through the hardest experience of my life but it led me to reevaluating what’s important and led me to finding a fulfillment I never dreamed of before.”

Foppoli, once called the prince of wine country, is under investigation by the California Attorney General’s office. Fourteen women have come forward with allegations against him. The 40-year-old Democrat doggedly held on for weeks before resigning.

While Foppoli pulled papers to run for mayor again last year, he did not file them, and will not be a candidate in the race. Instead, the race for the position will be between Vice Mayor Esther Lemus and councilwoman Rosa Reynoza.

The allegations against Foppoli stretch over decades. He is also under investigation from the Palm Beach Police Department, for alleged sex crimes, and the California Fair Political Practices Commission, for potential campaign violations.