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Fallen trees, submerged cars, overflowing creeks in the East Bay

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) -- Judith Court in San Pablo is tucked below a hill, so when rain falls, the water tends to build up on this street.

Wednesday was no different.

By the late morning -- car tires were submerged in about a foot of water.

The Contra Costa County Public Works Department responded quickly. Crews used a truck that vacuums and flushes catch basins and culverts to clear the drains and allow the water to go down. Joe Pandoc has lived in the neighborhood for some 20 years.

He says it's a recurring issue he and other homeowners have to deal with.

"They have no choice. I guess they have no other choice,” Pandoc said.

In El Sobrante, some cars parked overnight along San Pablo Dam Road were swallowed up by mud.

In Walnut Creek, a large oak tree on Homestead Avenue slipped down the hillside, blocking the roadway. Part of the tree fell onto a neighbor's yard.

An initial inspection of the tree, leads public works to believe that it fell down as a result of oversaturation and, not necessarily rotting.

Off Marsh Creek Road, on Aspara Drive in Clayton -- rushing water from the creek was overflowing onto the street.

Drivers hoping to pass through, were forced to find another way down the mountain.

County public works were also monitoring areas prone to mudslides, clearing small slides before they become unmanageable.





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