OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Family and friends of murder victims held a press conference on Friday to support the effort to recall Alameda County’s top prosecutor. A notice of intent was filed in the county last week to recall District Attorney Pamela Price.

The group calling for Price’s recall is known as Save Alameda For Everyone or “SAFE.” As of last week, 127 signatures have been collected and certified in Alameda County, and DA Price has responded to the recall petition.

“What I’m not going to do is be intimidated to not stand up for these families. I’m going to continue until we get the job done,” said Brenda Grisham, who is leading the effort to recall Price. 

Grisham is referring to a letter she received from Price. 

KRON4 reached out to Price’s office for comment on the claims. A spokesperson sent a letter to Grisham with a list of answers.

Friday’s news conference took place on what would have been Grisham’s son Christopher Jones’ 30th birthday. Jones was 17 years old when he was shot and killed in 2010.

Standing by her were other victims’ families and friends who lost their loved ones to gun violence

“You never think it can happen to you and it can. Unfortunately, that’s who I’m fighting for. Not just Kevin, but for others as well, so we need justice and we need Pamela Price to be recalled,” said Virginia Nishita, the widow of Kevin Nishita

The effort to recall Price is underway after the signatures needed to push the movement forward were certified in the county earlier last week.

“Our message that we are sending to the public is these are the people you need to be standing behind because at any time you can be one of them,” Grisham said. “Laws are laws, there’s a judicial system, there are judges and there’s a jury. We need to let the powers that be hand down the sentences.”

The recall group has to gather more than 90,000 signatures to get the recall on the ballot. The group expects the recall campaign to cost roughly $8 million.