A Daly City family has filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the police department for use of a taser that the family claims killed their family member, 38-year-old Warren Ragudo.

The family held a rally on Thursday demanding justice.

The signs read things like, “I miss my uncle,” “He was my only brother,” “Justice for Warren Ragudo,” “Tasers are deadly.”   

Friends and family of the 38-year-old Ragudo gathered at Lincoln Park to announce they have filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the Daly City police for how Warren died on Jan. 16 in their family home on the 900 block of Brunswick Street.

“Anytime a family loses someone is hard, but they witnessed the death,” Civil Rights Attorney Fulvio F. Cajina said.

Cajina says on that fateful night, the family called Daly City police because Warren was suffering a drug-induced mental health crisis.

When police arrived, they say Warren was struggling with family members. They intervened and restrained him. During the struggle, a taser was used.  

Soon after Ragudo became unresponsive, he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office says the autopsy report concluded Ragudo died “as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest due to agitated delirium, physical exertion, prone restraint, and stun gun applications while under the influence of methamphetamine toxicity.”

The district attorney said they conducted a thorough investigation and concluded that the use of the taser was justified and they are not seeking charges against the officers.

A spokesperson for the police department told KRON4 they have no comment at this time.