ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) — Wednesday marks two years since the killing of Mario Gonzalez, the 26-year-old who died while being restrained by Alameda police back in 2021.

Family and friends of Gonzalez gathered to celebrate his life on Oak Street, where he was killed. “You know just share space with people and get out spirits lifted, commemorate him and remember him. Do things that he liked to do, listen to music, and eat tacos,” said his brother, Jerry Gonzalez.

James Fisher, Cameron Leahy and Eric McKinley were the three police officers involved in his death. Gonzalez’s death was ruled a homicide, however, previous Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said criminal charges on the three officers could not be justified. 

Just this year, new District Attorney Pamela Price announced she is reopening the case. “I think she should stand firm on her ground on what she believes is right and giving justice to families and pushing criminal charges for police, police accountability,” said Amanda Majail-Blanco, a Gonzalez family friend.

City officials said they will cooperate with Price’s investigation. The district attorney’s office has asked for evidence from the city regarding Gonzalez’s death.

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“It’s been a roller coaster. A lot of ups and downs. But right now, with the recent news of it reopening, we feel hopeful. Because for a long time we felt tiny, unheard, and disregarded,” said Jerry Gonzalez.

Mario’s younger brother said while they have hope, he won’t stop fighting for justice until the officers involved are behind bars.