OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Monday night marks one week since the mass shooting at an Oakland gas station that killed 18-year-old Mario Navarro and injured seven others.

The victim’s dad, also named Mario Navarro, is pleading for more information about what happened, justice, and for his son’s name to not be associated with gang violence. “Every second, I miss my boy. He never did anything wrong. It might be wrong moment, wrong time,” said Mario’s dad.

Those who knew Mario said he heard a music video shoot was happening at a nearby gas station and wanted to check it out. More than 50 people were there when the shootout happened among several people on MacArthur Boulevard.

Seven people were injured and after being driven to the hospital by a cousin and friend, Mario died. “The ambulance never showed up. They only got there after everyone was gone. They could have saved my boy’s life. Instead, he was taken by people with no experience,” said Mario’s dad.

The mass shooting happened just a half-mile away from Unity High School where Mario graduated from. The principal said his heart dropped when he got the Citizen app notification.

“That gas station is just a few blocks away from our school. When you find out who it is, it goes from being a statistic to a person. It’s just devastating,” said William Nee, Unity High School principal.

When Oakland police gave an update on the mass shooting and said they suspect that “there might be a gang connection,” the Navarro family had to pause grieving and start defending their son’s character.

“My son was not related to gangs. Nothing. He liked music, he liked cars and so he went to a music video. That’s not the same as being involved in gang violence. He was 100 percent not that kid,” said Mario’s dad.

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The family said it is heartbreaking to know his love for music put him at the wrong place, at the wrong time. “He had a smile like it was so loving. He was always respectful. This was needless and senseless,” said Principal Nee.

Now Mario’s father wants answers and justice for his son. “Whoever did it, I want him to be in jail because he didn’t kill just a regular kid, he killed someone who was so beautiful to everybody. He had a long way to live,” said Mario’s dad.

Oakland police said there are no updates or arrests made with the investigation. The Navarro family said a funeral will be held for Mario next week in Hayward.

Mario’s family created a GoFundMe to help them with financial hardships related to his passing.