OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – A crowdfunding effort raises over $116,000 for the family of Patrick Fung. Back on July 17, the 52-year-old Uber driver was shot to death while seated in his vehicle outside of his home in Oakland’s Little Saigon District. 

The President of the Oakland Chinatown Improvement Council Stewart Chen said, “I hear stories. I’ve been to so many vigils. We don’t have to talk about pre-Patrick Fung, post-Patrick Fung.” Oakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato has attended some of those same vigils for slain residents in her district, like dentist Lili Xu.

Fortunado said, “to Patrick Fung’s family, I continue to extend my condolences and my support, and I am grateful that the community has come together. I am also grateful that in the midst of the violence, we are showing that Oakland can come together.”

Speaking with the help of an interpreter, Patrick Fung’s brother takes a different view of Oakland at this moment. He said, “since the tragedy happened of my brother’s incident, I just feel like the gun violence is nonstop and it happens every single day. The root of the problem has not been cured. The things will keep continuing, unfortunately, going on and on.”

Within weeks of Patrick Fung’s death, the Oakland Police Department arrested 19-year-old Major Willis, and a second juvenile suspect. Both have been charged by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Chief Assistant to the district attorney Terry Wiley said, “our office will continue to work with the Asian community and the police department to ensure the protection of the Asian community.”

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Here to accept the check raised on behalf of the family was Patrick Fung’s fiancé and father. Chen said, “this will give the family member closure. Maybe it’s not the closure they want, they want Patrick back. But at least, this will give them the closure and justice they are looking for and deserve.”