SAN RAFAEL (KRON) — At least $85,000 worth of food had to be dumped because of the PG&E shutoff at a supermarket in Marin County. 

The family that owns the mom and pop supermarket in San Rafael estimates their total losses will be more than $200,000.

The family said the blackouts took a major financial hit and believe that some businesses will have to close after this.

“They were saying that the power was going to come back on, that’s why we didn’t touch anything and take things out because we were hoping and expecting that they were going to come back on,” said Amber Lee, whose family owns the Scotty’s Market.

Lee’s family owns Scotty’s Market in the Terra Linda community within San Rafael.  

The store has been in operation for 62 years.  

In fact her family has owned the location for 32 years as her father worked his way from deli clerk to owner operator.  

The power shutoff was the biggest hit the store has ever taken.

“Right now we are I would say $85,000 in loss and it is probably going to be well into the [$200,000s,]” she said.

As to what was lost — pizza, ice cream, TV dinners. 

“It’s all gone,” she said. “There were very few items we were able to save.”

Lee says they were able to rent a temperature controlled trailer, one that was quickly loaded full of dairy and produce crates.  

Those items were saved.

But by day three with no electricity the freezer, temperatures inside the store had risen to unsafe levels — something the health department had warned about.