PLEASANTON, Calif. (KRON) – Tuesday marks day 11 in the search for Philip Kreycik, the Berkeley runner who went missing in Pleasanton a week and a half ago.

His father is speaking out for the first time to KRON4.

He says he and his family are remaining optimistic that Philip will return home.

“We still believe in our hearts that Philip is going to be on his way home soon and we already know he’s on his way,” Philip Kreycik’s father, Keith, said.

As more than 100 volunteers continue to search for the 37-year-old missing runner every day.

“We have had an outpouring of support and help. It makes you feel good about people when you get that kind of support,” Keith said.

Keith and his wife live with Philip and his family. They are staying hopeful that Philip will return home soon.

Pleasanton police are continuing to investigate, while volunteers continue to search for clues as to what might’ve happened to Kreycik and where he might be.

The husband and father of two was last seen going for a run at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

Search and rescue teams combed through the entire park during the first few days of his disappearance, including deep ravines and steep terrain.

They used planes, drones, helicopters.

Police are tracking Kreycik’s timeline from the moment he left his house to when he got to the trailhead — where his car and belongings were found in the parking lot.

They have found nothing to believe he isn’t on the ridge. They do believe something went wrong.

“He’s an incredibly strong guy and if there’s anybody who can make it out of the woods he will and in fact he may have already made it out of the woods,” Keith said.

Keith says they have moved their search crews off the trail and into nearby neighborhoods, asking people to look in their garages, barns, ditches for anything of interest to them.

They are also checking security cameras.