SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — “My baby’s name was Sergio Harris,” said Pamela Harris. 

Pamela Harris was worried sick, waiting behind the yellow crime-scene tape since 2:30 in the morning Sunday. The panic and pain was visible on her face after 18 people were shot on K Street. 

She believed her 38-year-old son, Sergio Harris, was one of the six people who died, and she was frustrated that she was not given any answers from police for several hours. 

“My child is out there on that ground, you know? This don’t make any sense and there’s other people’s children that’s out there on the ground. And they won’t tell us nothing, and it’s heartbreaking,” Pamela Harris said crying. “It’s heartbreaking to see what’s going on out here and they’re not telling us anything.”

Not long after FOX40 spoke to Pamela Harris, authorities confirmed what she had been fearing all along. 

Family said Sergio Harris and DeVazia Turner were cousins and had been together when the shooting happened.

Frank Turner was working security in the Bay Area when he got word from family that his 29-year-old son, DeVazia Turner, was among the casualties. 

“He was out just having fun with his friends,” Frank Turner said. 

Frank Turner said he knows his son was with family at the time. 

“They were cousins … Sergio and DeVazia were cousins,” Frank Turner said. 

Frank Turner said he still has not officially heard from police. 

“There’s just nothing to say. I’m just here. I’m grief, that’s all — grief. You know what I’m saying? That’s all I can say,” Frank Turner told FOX40. 

“The unfortunate part when you are so careless and you have senseless violence like this, other people get hit. Other people get hurt. And unfortunately, no one deserves this,” said Berry Accius, with Voice of the Youth. 

“My heart is with these families, with the community. My heart is with the city of Sacramento. Pray for the city of Sacramento. Pray that gun violence and mass shootings stop,” said Stevante Clark, a community activist. 

While he waits to hear something from police, Frank Turner said he wants everyone to know something about his son. 

“He was being a good father. He’s a good father. That’s it. I don’t have another son … OK,” Frank Turner said. 

Pamela Harris said her son, Sergio Harris, was also a father.